Running a 5K

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First things first: I am so sorry I haven’t been posting regularly! Apart from work and  preparing to move into my new apartment later this month, I was sick for the entire week. It was nothing serious, just a sore throat and nasal congestion. I still have a cough and a runny nose, but I am back to blogging, which is great, because I definitely missed blogging!

Remember how I created my 101 in 1001 list? Well, one of the goals on my list was to run a 5K. Disclaimer: I’m not the biggest gym rat and the last time I ran anything close to a 5K was in middle school. So why would I, the most nonathletic human being I know, decide to run a 5K? Well, because I need to focus on something that’s not blogging or school and maybe this can be the start of my professional running career. Or not.

Of course, I have my doubts about training for and running a 5K.  First, when do I want to run my 5K? It seems as though I’m busy year round! Instead of running a 5K, I could use that time to study for my exams or sleep! For how long should I train? A 5K is about 3.1 miles, which is not far at all, but for any type of race, you must train properly. I don’t expect to be first in my very first 5K, but I definitely do not want to be last! Should I train for a few weeks, or should I train for a few months? Then, should I follow a training plan, or should I completely play it by ear and do I what  think is best? I already know the answer to this one: I am following a training plan, specifically one created by the Mayo Clinic. There are some people who can train for races by themselves because they have enough knowledge about fitness and athletic training to do so. However, I need discipline; if I didn’t have a schedule, trust me, I would never get anything done!

I am hoping to run my 5K sometime in the spring! I am going to start my training in September after I move in, start classes and figure out my new schedule for the semester! Luckily for me, I only have classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (although on Friday I have my labs), plus I start class at 9:15  every day!  This will give me enough time to train and mentally prepare myself for my big race!


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